This blog is only about awakening, nothing more, nothing less. Anything that will contribute to the possibility of complete liberation from the dream, or from the mass hallucination of humanity, or from the mental matrix, or from the false self, or from the lie, or any other label you want to call it, is welcome here. The key words are FREEDOM and JOY. Sometimes I think this just keeps the story going and only adds to the insanity, and there's too much of that already. But something is trying to pry the lid off still, something awaits to be seen. We are all in this boat together, so here we go......have fun!

Friday, August 7, 2020



Back in July, I re-posted a picture on Facebook that was posted that showed the guidelines for the Health Ambassador for Walmart regarding their face masks requirements. Walmart called one of the companies I work for & complained about that post. That company called my boss & then he called me. After a few direct questions… being…..did I have my hands directly on said document…..I said no, it was a re-post. The subject was dropped at that point.
A couple of weeks later, I get called into the HR office of the full time job I held. Again, this “post” was brought up. I told them that I never had my hands directly on this document & that it was just a re-post. I see it 50-100 times a day on Facebook, it is posted in all sorts of anti-vax groups, anti-mask groups & individuals who are just fed up & over every one shouting……WEAR A MASK!
I was told it didn’t matter that I didn’t have the document directly in my hands but that I had shared an confidential, internal document. Mind you, NO WHERE does it say its an confidential, internal document. I’ve looked over it several times & it’s simply not there.
They also complained about the mask I wore for part of my shift one night. The plant manager said the masks we wear has to cover our mouth & nose. Ok, that means a mask that doesn’t have a huge hole in it. So, I ordered a mask from a lady who makes mesh masks. I was told that I knew what was expected of me & shouldn’t have tried to make a “forum” by deviating from what was expected of me.
The HR director said my “mask” was no different than the PPE like my safety vest, steel toes shoes & goggles. Ummm, excuse me, there is a HUGE difference. The vest, goggles & shoes don’t restrict my breathing, they don’t cause me to breathe in my own carbon dioxide when I breathe out, they don’t cause my heart to pound because I’m not getting sufficient oxygen due to wearing a mask & they don’t cause my lungs to hurt when I get home & that pain keep me awake for hours when I get home. The vest, shoes & goggles don’t cause me to sweat around my face. The OSHA website says direction…..cloth face coverings are not PPE.
Note that face coverings are not considered PPE and cannot be used in place of respirators when respirators otherwise are required.

I got thru the first 7 hours of my 10 hour shift before I was called into the production managers office because of my mask. He said it had to be a solid mask. I said OK, I have one in my locker. He said sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that just isn’t going to cut it. I left his office & went around the corner to the locker room & put the mesh one in my bag & put on a solid surgical one.
My contract was terminated with my full time job. I hope to have a new full time job lined up soon. I’m currently working part time as a merchandiser in various stores, some which require a mask. And yes, I’m wearing the mask you see in the pic above. No manager at those stores have stopped & questioned me.
Yes, there are some people who will show you in a video that wearing a mask will not cause their oxygen levels to go down. BUT, there are also videos that show the oxygen saturation levels plummeting within minutes of putting a mask on, Here is a video showing cardon dioxide levels rising to alarming levels under the mask.


Monday, July 27, 2020

Exploring the Subtle Realms: The Issue of Skepticism

Have you developed Covid Interpretation Fatigue (CIF) yet? 
It’s a rapidly spreading secondary condition of the virus. Symptoms include deep sighs and eyes glazing over on coming across yet another profound analysis of ‘what’s really going on.’ 
I mean, I know that the coronavirus is the brontosaurus in the room right now but…..enough already. Can’t we talk about anything else? 
In this spirit, I’m returning today to a topic I was writing about just before we got shipwrecked on Pandemic Island. The subtle realms and how we develop our relationship with them. 
There is much to say about this topic, so I plan to explore it over a series of posts in the coming months. 
Don’t tell anyone, but the truth is that this subject is far more than a fascinating diversion from current affairs. That’s because the exploration of the subtle realms and the beings we encounter there is an inescapable step in the process of restoring our connection with the Earth, in all its mysterious depths. Developing our relationship with these realms opens a direct channel of connection between us and the creative intelligence of nature. Once established, this bridge provides an inexhaustible source of guidance that can transform our lives into a truly magical unfolding. Nature is constantly feeding us creative ideas that bring us into ever deeper and more delightful forms of self-expression that are also in harmony with the whole of life. As our external systems and supports dissolve around us in the challenging passage ahead, knowing how to follow this magical trail will become an increasingly vital navigational capacity.
At the same time, our explorations of these realms form part of a profound collective process unfolding in our times to re-connect human consciousness with the natural, multidimensional intelligence of life. This change in consciousness is crucial to enable us to access and embody the holistic solution patterns for the meta-crisis we find ourselves in. 
And so (we can now all see), this shift is WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON. It’s what the Covid19 crisis IS ALL ABOUT.
Oh darn. There I go again. Wading into profound analysis territory. My sincere apologies. I’ll stop now. I’m a responsible global citizen and I do not wish to spread CIF. 
The subtle realms: encountering skepticism
One of the first things we can encounter when exploring the subtle realms is our skepticism. Even if we want to develop a deeper relationship with these dimensions, we often find within ourselves a barrier of doubt. Anyone who has received a modern Western education has been deeply conditioned to regard experiences of these realms as mere figments of our imagination. Thus we tend to have developed within ourselves an internalized guardian of the orthodox, disenchanted modern worldview. Whenever an experience starts to arise that seems to threaten that picture of reality, this guardian steps in to shut it down, often with considerable force. 

Why It Is Impossible to Prove That Viruses or Bacteria Cause Disease

Solitude vs Loneliness In Our Pandemic

This virus has taught us something profound, and what that is is a reflection of what motivates us. We have spent some rare moments alone, and some have come away with depression, feelings of negative isolation, while others have found a sense of self-worth, with an elevated and positive revelation. Everything is attitude, isn’t it? While a lot of people ate and drank excessively, becoming a couch potato, others studied, exercised, and lost weight… some stayed at their businesses and tried to save them in methods that had never occurred to them before…
“Our language has wisely sensed the two sides of being alone. It has created the world of loneliness to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word solitude to express the glory of being alone.” -Paul Tillich
We all have known loneliness. Those who know it well, know it isn’t just being alone, but a negative state of mind. It can be a dull sense that something is missing, or that something is not quite right, and it saps both joy and happiness from our lives. It is in fact a form of depression.
It can be described as a hungry feeling, and dull empty mood deep inside, and this is the primary reason people gorge themselves with food, take drugs, or smoke. They want to fill that void.
Being alone has nothing to do with loneliness, as we can feel alone in a crowded room, even with friends and family, and this might be the most bitter form of loneliness of all.
So let’s start off with a broad, and yet very unexplored statement that we have been taught: solitude is chosen, and loneliness is not.
We are taught that solitude is a state of being alone, without being lonely, that it can produce a positive and fulfilling state. That with time, it can construct an opportunity to replenish both mind and spirit. It is a state where we can depend on ourselves entirely for both company and motivation, and all of our decisions too. Yes, there is truth here, but an important factor must be considered… both loneliness and solitude are choices.
It is often stated that loneliness is a burden others impose on us, but the reason for this truth mostly alludes us, and it is a very important concept. Loneliness, you see, is the affect of relinquishing responsibility for self, and is the power that we have given to others, trustworthy or not. It is the control we have given them to impose their state of being on us. The old adage, “No one can hurt you unless you let them.” is a classic example of how loneliness can grip our hearts, souls and minds. And just as loneliness stems from the relinquishment of responsibility, so too does solitude create it. Now stop here and take pause…One cannot be lonely and accept responsibility of self. Loneliness is an inability to cope, whereas the responsibility we learn in solitude, if we so choose, is the ability to cope.
Your solitude might suggest peacefulness, an inner dialogue stemming from a state of inner richness, but there is no guarantee. A quiet surrounding does not mean it will quell a noisy and cluttered mind, in fact, it may have just the opposite effect. One might think that solitude is refreshing, an opportunity to renew and replenish ourselves, but there is no assurance this will occur. You see, first off, there must be a place that you have previously developed inside of your mind, a quiet place, a place you can withdraw into or from… It is doubtful that this can be developed in a solitude experience, and those who do not previously possess it, or realize how to access it, may become more confused, and disoriented… Some people are just too dependent on outside influences…

Saturday, July 25, 2020

What the Doctors are saying about COVID-19- There is a connection with 5G!

(It is very important to expose oneself to a variety of expert scientific viewpoints on the matter of COVID, not to mention the narrative on health in general and as regards 5G. That these conversations are being shut down right and left is a major concern and should register as a giant red flag to anyone who is dedicated to TRUTH)

As events are unfolding and my understanding has shifted of what is really going on since I last wrote about this crisis we all find ourselves in, like many others, trying to discern the truth is very difficult. I have convened online with various key people and researching mostly Doctor’s reports of the patients they have seen. Therefore, I’d like to share what I have found with those that are receptive and are questioning what is really going on right now.
Firstly, I have come across numerous doctors who have made public announcements on Youtube about their view of what people are dying from.
Dr Andrew Kaufman is one doctor below who has put his practitioners license on the line, along with his life’s work, and he shares what he has observed in patients with ”COVID-19” respiratory illness. What doctors are reporting is that even patients with perfectly healthy lungs are suffocating, this is not a normal viral pneumonia process but something very different that they have never seen before.
Dr Kaufman explains that the picture claimed to be an isolation of COVID-19 is identical to that of an exosome, however an exosome is not a virus! According to the biological explanation of an exosome – ”Exosomes are small endosome derived lipid nanoparticles (30-100 nm in diameter), actively secreted by exocytosis in most living cells, their role is to eat toxic substances in the body.
 They are nothing to do with viruses and are not contagious. Exosomes are small lipid vesicles secreted by a variety of cells. They were originally assumed to provide cells with the mean to dispose of unneeded proteins, nucleic acids, and lipids. However, exosomes are now known to play a role in intercellular communication’’ Dr Andrew Kaufman explained germ theory and vaccines which are not effective even if we believe in Germ theory since viruses are supposed to mutate and change all the time, so a vaccine won’t work.
Doctor Kaufman is one of many other doctors who also point out that the tests being used are faulty. RT-PCR tests were only made for testing for genetic material, not viruses. There is also no Gold Standard measurement, to test the error rate of this test. All tests should have an error rate margin, just the same as with all scientific experiments performed in a laboratory.
ER Doctor Cameron Kyle-Sidell from the ICU unit in New York City has stated that the symptoms of patients isn’t that of a pneumonia virus, its that of altitude sickness, where patients are experiencing severe hypoxemia [abnormally low level of oxygen] Cameron Kyle-Sidell released several videos where he states . ”We’re treating the wrong disease, and because of this the ventilators are damaging the lungs of patients. COVID-19 lung disease, as far as I can see, is not a pneumonia and should not be treated as one. Rather, it appears as if some kind of viral-induced disease most resembling high altitude sickness. Is it as if tens of thousands of my fellow New Yorkers are on a plane at 30,000 feet at the cabin pressure is slowly being let out. These patients are slowly being starved of oxygen.
Doctor Thomas Cowan explains the futility of using RT- PCR tests- Real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests were invented by Kary Mullis in 1984 was considered as a revolution in science. Real-time PCR, hereafter abbreviated RT PCR, is becoming a common tool for detecting and quantifying expression profiles of selected genes. Kary Mullis actually told everybody not to use these tests to test for Viruses as it does not work, they are for testing and reading genome material.
Dr Thomas Cowan explains how the Corona Virus should be tested since the flawed RT- PCR tests only test for genetic material DNA or RNA sequences that fit known genomes. The RT-PCR tests cannot detect the COVID-19 virus just as its inventor Kary Mullis stated, it was not intended to be used for this purpose. It can only use amplifiers taking a small amount of DNA and replication till it can be analysed. Any contamination in samples will also be amplified leading to flawed results of any RNA material with 40 amplifications or 60 amplifications, it becomes positive with 100 percent, they might find tiny pieces of normal corona flu RNA material but its not the elusive COVID-19 virus as there are many types of Corona virus that we already might have in our system that cause seasonal flu and colds. The RT-PCR tests  can only amplify genomes not identify viruses, which distorts the information and since we don’t know how many false positives or negatives there are as we have nothing to compare it too, so it makes it look like we have an epidemic when infact all these statistics are based on flawed testing.
RT-PCR tests amplification cycles are flawed and cannot identify a single pathogen even if you ignore the other implications. The RT-PCR is not the right way to test for a virus. Aside from that they cant detect it if they don’t know what they are looking for, because what they claim to be the virus is in fact an exosome.
Dr Thomas Cowan does mention that we could be being poisoned as the RNA material we emit when we are, could be mistaken as external viral material, but there is no evidence of COVD-19 being a virus. There isn’t even a genome recorded for COVID-19. There are even mainstream news articles discussing the unreliability of these tests. They are actually creating flawed statistics in addition to people suffering new symptoms that doctors and nurses are unable to treat as a virus, so the governments can justify enforced quarantine and vaccines for a ‘virus’ that kills less people each year than seasonal flu. Even Italian public health officials stated that patients were dying of other illnesses and diseases being corralled to come under COVID-19 after testing positive’ as cause of death.
So what is it we are dealing with here?
Someone who is experienced with Deep State corruption in my recent meetings said that COVID-19 is a global government live operation/experiment, this seems to make sense to me. Whatever it is, I am leaning towards that there is a very clear direct connection between COVID-19 and the 5G being rolled out from country to country, since in Wuhan fifteen 5G masts were installed just before people started showing this respiratory pneumonia last December 2019.
A few years ago, 240 doctors and scientists signed against 5G in Europe and 123,000 doctors, nurses, scientists and medical professionals from Physicians against 5G globally, resisted the government proposals of 5G towers and systems being launched and these experts presented documented proof and evidence to the governments and already warned the public against the effects of 5G and 6G cell phone towers. Why did the governments ignore 163,000 doctors and scientists?
Their warnings cannot be dismissed as a ”conspiracy theory” by the media or by those who are too lazy to read the hard evidence that these doctors and scientists have read to self-educate. What doctors are reporting is that oxygen is being squeezed out of the blood cells due to changes in pressures on the blood cells and those are external pressures. This could be connected to Electromagnetic Frequencies in the 5G 60-100 GigaHz range since we have never had any risk assessments or government funding into testing of the impact of 5G on human health. However, prior tests done by the Military and scientists on the detrimental effects of MGHz have concluded that such EMF frequencies cause permanent damage to human health, read my article here about the Effects of 5G on human health 
While we are all in Lockdown, witnesses are seeing 5G antennas being errected all over the world, some even in schools, near childrens playgrounds and they will be installing them in our hospitals too.
In the US government, there has been no government sponsored research into the effects of 5G. While democracy has been suspended, as that can only happen under imposed martial law and people being put under house arrest, all news agencies and TV broadcasting stations have been ordered not to debate the possible connection between 5G and COVID-19, indicating a testimonial action that there is indeed a link that governments don’t want us to know about. The effects on humans are autoimmune problems, cytokines self-attacking the immune system and other cells, which could be why exosomes are detected and being hijacked and renamed as the virus COVID-19.
Other health effects are digestive problems, muscle fatigue, motor skill problems, inflammation of the brain, and nervous system, cancer, dizziness, nausea, headaches, internal bleeding, dry cough, respiratory problems, asthma, pneumonia, sore throat, insomnia, anxiety, depression, disrupted brainwave states and melatonin production and disrupted endocrine systems.


I am not a confrontational person, but I never back down from a challenge. I frequently embrace the opportunity to debate, and I will debate anyone over anything. Debate helps one challenge their own internal store of knowledge while also offering an opportunity of growth for all individuals involved. All of this, of course, wholly depends on if the participant has an open mind, and I have discovered through my willingness to engage that many do not.
This is most evident when you take the debate to those educated in the Rockefeller-Carnegie school of medicine. They are right, you are wrong, and there is no debate on the subject.
I was recently challenged to an online debate by a person who, going under the pseudonym “Chin” (for the record, I always use my real name), was inclined to tell me that my conclusions were wrong when it comes to a discussion of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. This person went so far as to suggest that they were actively engaged in the process of researching a cure for the virus and the disease that it supposedly causes. I do not know if that is true or not, as the individual in question is hiding behind a pseudonym leaving me unable to obtain any details on the individual.
From my understanding, based on everything that I have read and watched, there is still a lack of evidence to suggest that a “virus” (a non-living packet of information) causes disease. Where some claim there is evidence to suggest that this may be the case, others such as Dr. Andrew Kaufman explain, rather eloquently, that correlation does not equal causation. And then they back it up with their own conclusions derived from their own research.
When it comes to this discussion, it is worthwhile to consider the evolution of what we call modern medicine and why those indoctrinated through the American Medical Association (AMA) believe they are right and everybody else is wrong. The Rockefeller-Carnegie school of thought paints alternative medicine as “quack medicine” because it doesn’t align with the dictates of the “professionals” who preach their version of “medical science” to those who pay large sums of money. Also, they can’t turn a massive profit off of it.
There will always be pushback against the Rockefeller-Carnegie school of thought. Researching it, it becomes evident that Rockefeller philanthropy was anything but and was founded on the premise that there was no money to be made in natural medicines or cures because, they claimed, they were ineffective. That modus operandi is patently false.
If you think nature is ineffective, go and take a walk through a forest and observe everything that you see. It wouldn’t be there for you to experience if it wasn’t effective. Beneath each tree and plant is a network of roots that continually exchange microbes with each other in a communal way to sustain growth and development and maintain proper nourishment. That is the natural way and it is incredibly efficient.
From my understanding, the foundation for the AMA is built on the premise that nature is less efficient than a toxic combination of chemical cocktails that emerged from a lab and are packaged in a factory using cheap labor. This mentality has dictated every development of theirs coming thereafter.
The evolution of the AMA was controlled through finance, where those that played the game reaped the rewards and those who didn’t went broke and were discredited through the control of medical publications. Human experience is one of relativity and we are inclined to believe that which has been relative to our own education and experience. The other perspectives, or other narratives, are rarely considered or mentioned, thus rarely discussed.
So how, without reasonable debate, can one be so sure that those who come from that education model are right and everybody else is wrong? This is a fair question. Those of us looking at the other data have to contend with those who were educated in a way in which alternative information was excluded and demonized. There is no critical thinking if there is no challenge and no debate, just indoctrination, and many in the mainstream practice of medicine are by this way indoctrinated, believing that they are right and everybody else is wrong.
While I did appreciate the debate with “Chin”, I would never just believe him simply because he says that I am wrong and he is right. But that is exactly the mentality those indoctrinated in that school of thought express in, well, just about everything that they do and say. They don’t like a challenge. To them it is simple. You are wrong. They are right. End of story.
Ultimately, our debate was censored by the moderators of the comments section at NBC-affiliate KPRC (News 2 Houston). This isn’t much of a surprise, as they censor me all of the time.
With the rise of Naturopathic medicine, the financial means by which industries in big medicine, such as big pharma, depend on is challenge by the evidence that natural cures work: that nature and thus natural treatments and the body have a symbiotic relationship that cannot be denied or replaced by chemical combinations.
A pill-for-an-ill can kill. Nature intends to grow, preserve, and persevere. These are just the facts, ma’am.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Wounds as the Path to Awakening

What an utterly weird, amazing and utterly frightening time we are living through. Many people are walking around with masks on their faces, and yet inwardly we are all being unmasked. We are being confronted with all of the dark shadows inside of us—our wounds, traumas and unhealed abuse issues—that we’ve been able to postpone looking at up till now. All of these shadow energies are not only in our face, but behind it as well, which is to say that we are confronted within our very soul with the darkness of the world we live in, which is a darkness in which we all share. I am curious about how these seemingly darker forces in our world (which we see playing out all around us in the outer world) have to do with our inner experience of being wounded. 
I can talk for myself. Since the advent of the global pandemic, I have felt even more intensely both the light AND dark aspects of myself, as if they are interdependent parts of a deeper process wherein one is evoking the presence of the other. Due to the feeling that there’s no time to waste—a sense of urgency—it’s as if the creative light-filled part of me has gotten more vibrant, while at the same time, the deepest darkness embedded in my unhealed wounds also seems stronger. The creative tension between the two—between the light and dark parts of myself—has correspondingly intensified to a practically unbearable degree. As my light increases, the darkness within me is simultaneously coming to the fore, making itself known to the point where it’s getting harder for me to look away from it. 
It’s as if the light that I am getting in touch with is illumining everything in me that is not of the light, i.e., that is dark, which makes sense as the purpose of light is to reveal darkness. As I more deeply connect with the light of my nature, my subjective experience is that there is a seemingly darker force within me that wants to prevent me from connecting with my light at all costs. 
Maybe this is just me, but I have an intuition that this is an archetypal, impersonal and universal situation. I find myself easily imagining that an analogous process might be going on for many, if not all of us (be it consciously or not). The question is: do we indulge in our coping strategies to keep these seemingly darker and wounded parts of ourselves at bay (food, drugs, Netflix anyone?)—which is ultimately to be avoiding relationship with ourselves—or do we unmask ourselves and turn to unflinchingly face the darker, wounded parts within us? 
Our wounds are semi-stable resonance patterns of vibratory energy to which we have become accustomed as existing in a particular way. They are held in place by how we pay attention to and interpret them. If we intentionally start attending to our wounds in a new and different way we change their resonance pattern, i.e., the way they manifest.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Global Days of Unity

Global Days of Unity is a unifying field for all forces, voices and expressions of love to co-create a whole that transcends the sum of its parts. It’s an invitation for the community of love and consciousness to come together on the 3rd weekend of every month to infuse the collective field with vibrations of Unity, Peace and Love.
Change will not come to us, it will come through us when we are awake to the fullness of who we are and connected to the fundamental truth of oneness. As we change, the world will change. Infusing the collective field with energies of love is the beginning of a new humanity.
The time is now…
Not marching, not fighting, and not legislating, but co-creating an intentional energetic impact. Wherever you are, let us co-create an ever growing circle of connection from all across the earth to resonate, amplify and infuse the field of consciousness with vibrations of Unity, Peace and Love.
This isn’t a one-off moment of mediation. This is the moment that so many of us have been longing for; the beginning of an unprecedented shift in consciousness which creates the spaciousness for a whole new paradigm to emerge.
We all have a role to play, and we are all needed.
While actions are essential, transformation will only come when we first transform ourselves and allow our actions to rise out of this new energetic reality.
This is about the courage to fly together on the wings of the unknown and the humility to co-discover the unimaginable.
Welcome home.