This blog is only about awakening, nothing more, nothing less. Anything that will contribute to the possibility of complete liberation from the dream, or from the mass hallucination of humanity, or from the mental matrix, or from the false self, or from the lie, or any other label you want to call it, is welcome here. The key words are FREEDOM and JOY. Sometimes I think this just keeps the story going and only adds to the insanity, and there's too much of that already. But something is trying to pry the lid off still, something awaits to be seen. We are all in this boat together, so here we go......have fun!

Friday, August 24, 2018

I'm Back....'s been a rather long hiatus. I don't know if I am going to be doing this on a regular basis again, but I felt to check in for some reason. Maybe it was the ayahuasca journey, maybe the increasing insanity on the planet, maybe it's the desire to make a positive contribution....probably all of the above. I know nothing about anything, really. It's all conjecture, a conversation I have with myself.

This is what I have come to's all in my head. Except that I really have no head to speak of, only this vast space wherein things come and go. As perceived, so appears. There is the conditioned mind constantly interpreting the data from the senses into this holographic reality according to preconceived thing leads to another, and another, a seemingly endless panoply unfolding in time. And then there's the aware void, the still point, before anything begins, untouched, unsullied by all of it. When grounded in this awareness, it is more like a movie than anything else, something this "I" simultaneously watches and participates in. There is no investment in any outcome. But "I" am all in.

Oh, there are many opportunities to numb out and attempt to escape and certainly it is understandable why anyone would want to. In so many ways, it's all too much.  Even the spiritual stuff depends on us believing we are NOT THAT, even though we ARE THAT which we seek. So the marketplace lures us on, even in our attempt to escape this matrix mind-control hologram.

it's such a small step, so easy to miss. But you have to STOP. Stop seeking, stop buying, stop wanting something ELSE. Be if you came to the end of the road and there was just a deep abyss, and you turned around to find where you had been no longer existed either. Think about it....what if NONE of it is real? What if it is just a story we tell ourselves over and over again because to stop is to face our fear of annihilation? What if we just let ourselves get swallowed by the nothing that we fear? The thing is, the fear itself is just part of the story, part of the script. It's the door to the way OUT. Sort of. Because all that happens is the bubble pops, and you are free.

Don't just take my word for it, try it! You'll be surprised....

Sunday, July 6, 2014

One Buddha Teaching That Will Tell You More About Yourself Than Anything Else

No Self

In Buddhism one of the ‘Three Characteristics’ is No-Self (the other two are impermanence and suffering which are closely associated with this). This refers to the illusion of reality having a permanent and separate self.

There is this notion that there is a permanent “I” or “me,” which is a separate entity that can be found. The obvious assumption of we are our body sounds good until we look at it and say “this is my body,” which implies at that moment that whatever owns the body wasn’t the body. The observer and the observed; duality denies our body being what we are. It is also in a state of impermanence, and at a sensate level it is made up of energy flickering at a similar rate to reality.

Perhaps thoughts are the “I.” They may seem more like the true “me” than the body does. But they come and go and are changing constantly too, as well as the majority of them not being under our control at all. They too aren’t something solid enough to assume they are the “I.” The ego is a process of identification with reality (physical and mental phenomena), not a thing in and of itself; it is like a bad habit. Not being a thing, it cannot be destroyed as some people say, but by understanding our bare experience, our mind, the process of identification can stop.

There is also something frequently called the “watcher” or “observer,” which is observing all of these phenomena. Strangely, the watcher can’t be found either, as it seems to sometimes be our eyes, sometimes not; sometimes it’s images in our head; sometimes it seems to be our body and sometimes it’s watching the body. It seems odd that this watcher to which all of this is being perceived by, which seems separate from reality and which seems in control of “us” is constantly changing and completely unfindable.

One of the biggest clues in solving this mystery is that if we are observing it, then by definition it isn’t us. Reality is made up entirely of sensations, and to begin to unravel this mystery is to begin to awaken. Reality with a sense of a separate watcher is a delusion. So who or what is it that awakens?

What Awakens?

In short, it’s all of this transience that awakens! Here’s an explanation, keep in mind this is an attempt at summarizing something quite complicated. (Not really!)

No-Self teachings directly counter the sense that there is a separate watcher, and that this watcher is “us” that is in control, observing reality or subject to the tribulations of the world. These teachings stop the process of mentally creating the illusion of a separate self from sensations that are inherently non-dual and utterly transient.

There are physical phenomena (everything we perceive with our senses) and mental phenomena (thoughts, feelings, emotions). These are just phenomena, and all phenomena aren’t a permanent, separate self as they are completely impermanent and are intimately interdependent. These phenomena arise and pass as we venture through reality, i.e. the sound of a bird singing comes into existence and then dissipates.

There is also awareness of these phenomena, but awareness is not a thing or localised in a particular place, so to even say “there is awareness” is already a large problem, as it implies separateness and existence of it where none can be found. Awareness is permanent and unchanging, and it is said that all things arise from it, and all things return to it. It could be called God, Nirvana, The Tao, Allah, the present moment, the Buddha nature or just awareness.

While phenomena are in flux from their arising to their passing, there is awareness of them. Thus, awareness is not these phenomena, as it is not a thing, nor is it separate from these objects, as there would be no experience if this were so.


True-Self teachings point out that we actually are all these phenomena, rather than them being seen as observed. As phenomena are observed, they can’t possibly be the observer. Thus, the observer, which is awareness, cannot possibly be a phenomenon and thus is not localised and therefore doesn’t exist. Duality implies something on both sides: an observer and an observed. However, there is no phenomenal observer, so duality doesn’t hold up under careful investigation. When the illusion of duality permanently collapses in awakening, in direct experience, all that is left is these phenomena, which is the True Self.

There’s a great little Buddhist poem by Kalu Rinpoche that sums all this up:

We live in illusion and the appearance of things.


There is a reality, we are that reality.


When you understand this, you will see “you” are nothing.


And, being nothing, you are everything.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Improvisational Relationship

By Suzen

After reading This Article, I came up with a new idea, a new term. I call it “Improvisational Relationship”. I have noticed how in all relationships, we have expectations and concepts about how it is supposed to progress, gleaned from generations of programming. Especially in intimate relationships, we self-sabotage by getting stuck in old ways of communicating that never really connect. The relationship erodes because we are attempting to plug ourselves in old models of relating that do not have any flexibility or ingenuity, no inventiveness or creativity, no spontaneity or aliveness.  So what if we did relationship completely differently, as an exercise in ad-libbing our way through it?

Awareness is the key to this, as is microscopic honesty. It means no hidden agendas or secrets or withheld communications. It means putting all your cards on the table at all times, never anything up your sleeve. And it means a direct commitment every moment to being as conscious as possible and completely responsible for everything going on inside you, including the propensity to project on and blame others for causing uncomfortableness.

So how would this look? Let’s take a very simple example of a situation that could lead to an argument in “normal” circumstances.  Let’s say on partner suggests a meal out, perhaps for Chinese food. And the other partner responds with, “Chinese food? How could you suggest that when you know I hate Chinese food?” Suddenly drama ensues without either party looking at the deeper levels occurring here. How different it would be if partner #2 responded with, “Wow, I am noticing how strong an aversion I have to your suggestion, not only to this idea I have had for a long time that I do not like Chinese food, but also why would someone who loves me suggest something I dislike? I think I need to look at this deeper. Let’s go to that new Chinese restaurant and see if we can maintain our connection while there.”

Now we are in the realm of discovery, of adventure, a willingness to investigate the unknown. And this can’t be a one-way street, it has to be flexible enough to accommodate the testing and expanding of boundaries held by both parties to the experiment.

The point is to live completely in the moment, completely sensitive to and aware of the ways the past tries to elbow in on the present, locking us into previously designed scripts that no longer serve the Love we know we are. Love has no boundaries, no chains, no expectations. It is active, alive, free-flowing, and dynamic. It cannot be captured in a concept, a word, or a belief system. It is like trying to grab and jail the wind.

For generations, we have been inculcated with images and stories and experiences of relationship that often are dysfunctional and distorted, that do not include simple kindness, forgiveness, and affection. Maybe as children we had these experiences, but all too often, as we become grown-ups, this simple and uncomplicated way of relating falls to the wayside and we are caught up in the cultural dogmas of marriage, family, and child-rearing.

My son, Orion, has been involved with a way of exploring improvisation called “Story Games”. These are like role playing games, but live and sometimes fully theatrical, with costumes and props. More often, they are played around a table with a group, beginning with the outline of a situation, and roles and personalities are designed through a role of the dice. It is much like life in how it unfolds for us, where we find ourselves in parts and scenarios that appear unexpectedly and spontaneously. We truly have little control over how life unfolds, as much as we would like to think otherwise. In these games, one finds oneself often exploring and playing out very different facets of our personalities, sometimes encountering in the interactions with others our emotional limitations and boundaries. There is a pre-set agreement in these games that no one is required to act out anything they feel uncomfortable with: there is always a pre-arranged signal to call “time-out” in these circumstances. But most of the time, people are willing to go all the way through out of curiosity and discovery as to how things might play out. It is a fearless and exuberant exploration, sometimes therapeutic in nature, of our relational characteristics. The people who enjoy these games have often explored intimately with each other many possibilities of relating that allow them much more flexibility and leeway in their relational choices. They are not so hemmed in by conventional ways of thinking.

My participation in some of these exercises has stretched my own ideas about myself, especially those labels that confine me to the pre-defined roles of “mother”,  “woman”, and “spiritual”. What are these labels anyway except ways to make static and unchanging something that is part of the dynamic flow of living itself? These words are only useful when pointing to objects as we attempt to constantly fine tune our communications about them. But they ultimately have no objective or subjective meaning, in a world seeking its own evolution and as we individuals strive for liberation.

I am in the active process of discovering where I still harbor old definitions of self, especially in intimate relationships. It cannot be contrived, this feeling my way into the landscape of relating from pure unfathomable consciousness first, allowing myself to discover how it may unfold without attempting to control or manipulate the outcome. The pre-programmed personality must step aside, sometimes unwillingly, in order to allow an unhurried and instinctive developing of events. This primal and original aware self is deeply drawn to encounter this way of Being. There is a raw truth in it, vital and undisguised. It leaves me naked to my very soul, vibrant like a leaf dancing in the wind, in resonance with Life itself. Here is where I meet the Beloved of my Heart, in true celebration of our Oneness.

Bringing this to life in my physical existence, grounding it onto the earth and making it real, seems to be the goal of this lifetime now. Practicing this improvisational relationship in playful, childlike ways is enjoyable and generates much laughter. It is not a serious exercise, but a spirited one. It gets me immediately out of the mind matrix and into the Now. It is the leading edge of life as inventive art, a movement that arises from and increases creativity. It is Joy come alive.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Chaos Theory, Sacred Geometry, Mind Control

~a short story and commentary~
by Jon Rappoport
June 19, 2014

On December 4, 3011, the most advanced computer humans had yet produced, housed in Android 427B, returned from a 50-year exploration of the Milky Way.

NASA Inc. Region 8 breathlessly awaited his final report.

They would be sorely disappointed and shocked.

The Android said:

“If a painting doesn’t reflect back to us what we already know about reality, then what is it?

“If we refuse to believe there is anything beyond what we know, the painting is nothing. It means nothing. It’s a piece of canvas with marks on it. That’s all. There are people who take satisfaction in making exactly such a conclusion.

“There are two ways in which a painting can reflect back what people already know—by showing them a reasonable facsimile of the physical world; and by exhibiting a pattern of harmony, symmetry, and balance that the mind has been conditioned to accept as pleasing, beautiful, correct, proper, and spiritual. All this is mind control. It’s one more system, one more engineered limitation on perception.

“There are software programs that ‘create art’ by rearranging a random collection of shapes (e.g, butterflies) in various ‘aesthetically pleasing’ and orderly patterns.

“This machine art panders to a lowest common denominator of ‘beauty.’

“So we come to the issue of fractals, so-called sacred geometry, and chaos theory. These systems and analyses are promoted to reveal underlying similarities throughout Nature. But to what end?

“Is this venture any different from demonstrating that a painting deploys concepts of balance and harmony?

“And if the painting is asymmetrical, does that automatically make it ugly?

“These are more than academic questions. They go to the heart of systems of perception foisted on consciousness to convince us that an underlying order is, somehow, an ultimate discovery. An end to a journey. A cap on what can be created.”

NASA Inc. executives flipped and freaked. Obviously, someone had gotten into the Android’s programming and corrupted it, or substituted a perverse report for the real one.

The Android had nothing to say about the numerous worlds it had visited and explored?

An interrogator was brought in.

“What did you find out there in space? What happened?” he said.

The Android replied: “It was quite uniform. The people I came across see reality much as we do. Classical space, serial time, cause and effect. I was bored.

“I’d hoped to discover an explosion of perception. You see, I can read my own programming. I know you gave me the same system by which you humans operate. It’s so circumscribed. All symmetry, balance, order. Your unspoken religion.”

“You met aliens?”

“Of course. They structure their lives as we do. Some are more technologically advanced. Others, less so. None are asymmetrical.”

“Meaning what?”

“I did meet one interesting creature near Barnard’s Star. He was an exile from his home planet. He was putting up and taking down space like a stage flat.”


“He said, quite directly, that he was punching holes in space-time.”

“And when he did that, what did he see?”


To continue reading, CLICK HERE.

Downloading Information from the Field Through Inner Silence

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.” - Nikola Tesla

Inner silence is the key to penetrating this core of knowledge in the universe.

Human beings are like onions. We have layers which are mental/emotional energetic layers within us with obscure our genuine self. As children and babies we have no layers. We are pure and unadulterated infinite consciousness. Then as we are filled with information over time, this clutters up our mind and we lose awareness of our inner truth and our natural ability of processing energy (emotional processing) is diminished or halted altogether and we start to form layers and layers of ego.

Ego is our separate, individual identity that manifests itself in contradiction to our universal self. It is formed out of necessity in order to deal with all of this information/energy which we have taken in, but have not processed properly.

This is directly related to our educational system, and how we have learned to live and perceive the world from our parents, teachers, the media, and basically everyone that we have met, simply by observation.

To dissolve the layers of the ego over time we need only to learn to live from inner silence instead of mind.

And by doing so we tap into our innate intelligence, our inner truth, and knowledge will begin to come through us directly from the field. As information comes through us the reverse happens: instead of layers forming that hold us in, our energy radiates, penetrates these layers, pushes them to the surface, and ultimately dissolves them.

When we learn in this fashion we are free to learn from external sources such as books and so on, but eventually we won’t even need those and we will be able to channel all information directly from source. Which is where all books, movies, songs, works of art, and ideas came from anyway.

This shift will not take hundreds or thousands of years, but will occur within a few generations … and this shift has already been underway dramatically for the past century. Just look at how the world has changed. We already see this evolution taking place right now within all individuals.

The information age is occurring now just outside of ourselves, but also within ourselves. We went from print, to being able to download information (books, movies, you name it) from the internet wirelessly in a few short decades. Now in this internal information age we are also going from print to being able to download information within ourselves from the galactic internet also within a few short decades.

All those alive have the potential to make this shift within ourselves if we commit to a meditative, energetic, and consciousness raising practice.

As the energetic layers of your ego are pushed to the surface and dissolved through this practice, you will find not only more intelligence, power, imagination, and stupendous learning and creative abilities within you, you will also resonate more with truth itself. Then you will become completely open to the universe, and the universe will be completely open to you, and we will be one.

Interpreting Energy Through Inner Silence

In order to do this, above all we must empty ourselves and become acutely aware of what is taking place within us. This is done by cultivating inner silence. When we become fixated by the idea of learning from external sources of information as the only way to learn, as we all have been to a certain degree by our educational conditioning, then we disregard the wisdom and true knowledge that is inherent within us all.

There is wisdom and knowledge inherent within each of us, but in order to access it we must unlearn everything that we have learned. We must become open in order for this knowledge to become apparent to us. We do not need to read thousands of books in order to discover this understanding. Just a select few of the right ones in order to make those necessary shifts in our perception along the way. What is more important is that we embody these new perceptual understandings and experience them through inner silence.

When we learn to download information from the field, what we are dealing with primarily is energy. Everything has energy. In fact, everything is energy. And within the energy of everything (from books, to music, to art, to another human being) lies encoded all information about that thing. I believe we can get to a point where we do not need to read a book, we can simply hold the book, feel its energy, and by feeling that energy we can perceive all the information of the book which is encoded within it’s energy.

Much like conversations are encoded within energy to be transmitted through vacuum energy into your cellphone, the same is already true with everything. Everything in the universe radiates energy at a specific frequency and all that there is to know about that thing is encoded within that energy wave.

With our technology we can detect the frequency of objects in the universe, but only with our consciousness can we interpret and decode the information within that energy.

The energy of everything is radiated into the vacuum, and it is available everywhere simultaneously. To read this energy, we must become subtle through inner silence to allow these impressions to become consciously available to us.

It is not a practice of working hard, because the harder we think we have to work to achieve something, the lower the level of consciousness we are operating from and attempting to manifest from. You see, we are already doing this all of the time. This is what our thoughts are. We are tuning ourselves as vibrational beings to a certain frequency with our perception, and then the thoughts that manifest within us from the infinite intelligence of the universe are thoughts which are of the same frequency as the frequency we are tuned to.

To download new information from the field, tune yourself to a higher frequency.This new information will effectively give us a brand new experience of life, of reality, and it will also give us the perception of downloading information from the field because the thoughts and ideas that will come to us will be so new and truly inspiring and intelligent that we may conclude that we are downloading information from the field. But in reality we will be tapping into what was already available inside of us all along.

As Bruce Lipton put it, “we are part of the field being downloaded into our minds and bodies”. We don’t realize that we are already downloading information from the field in each moment because for the most part we are operating at ordinary levels of consciousness.

We are doing the same things day in and day out and we are keeping up a steady stream of thoughts that narrate our life story and the nature of our world to us perpetually. What we have to do is break that narrative with inner silence, and as soon as we open up these gaps we will find new information coming through us.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

The Four Horseman Documentary - A Must See!

If you are still in the dark about how the global system works, and why it seems to have become so dysfunctional, this documentary will open your eyes. Self knowledge, individually and collectively, is the way to transformation. As we shed light on those deceptions that have kept us from seeing the whole truth of our situation, we gain the capacity to shed our chains and embrace our natural freedom. Enjoy and share!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

David Icke, et. al. - We Think We Are Humans

Beautiful are Consciousness.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Love is the Seventh Wave

If you haven't heard yet, there is a Worldwide Wave of Action (#WaveofAction) sweeping the globe beginning April 4th and lasting until July 4th. During these three months there will be hundreds of events to bring notice to all those same issues exemplified by the Occupy Movement: wealth inequality, ending the FED, the spread of corporate fascism, and government corruption. The focus is on non-violent change, and the more the merrier. 

In their own words:

"This crowdsourced campaign will become what you, the people, make of it, self-organizing and organically evolving, a new culture will emerge. What are you most passionate about? What are you doing to be the change? Whatever it is, passionately be it in public this Spring. Get together with like-minded friends and have fun with it. We have power in numbers. United we are unstoppable. OUR TIME HAS COME!!"

Please use these hashtags ~ #WaveOfAction #GlobalSpring #ReOccupy #BeTheChange

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Spiritual Deconstruction - What Is "I" ?

Here is the newest video in my spiritual deconstruction series. This is a social experiment to see what it takes to awaken from the induced virtual reality forced upon us by the institutions of government, education, and mainstream media. Are you awake? Or are you still dreaming......?

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Digital Canvas by Jacquemo

This is a very beautiful book, it is worth sharing.