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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Reverse Engineering the Illuminati Mind Set

By Julian Rose

Pt.1 'On the Inside of Darkness'

When a US army drone got on the wrong side of the Iranian border a year or two ago, some clever hackers found a way into its coded electronics and guided it down to earth. From there it was "taken into custody" by Iranian forces and subsequently taken apart – and a cloned version was reverse engineered into existence. At least, that is what we are led to believe.

This salutary tale provides us with an excellent template for the deconstruction of the Illuminati mind set and the reversing of its malevolent Masonic ambitions.

Firstly, though, we need to agree that there really is some form of 'master plan' which guides the activities of those who are intent upon taking control over of all arteries of human activity on this planet.

There is no lack of evidence pointing to the existence of a small hierarchical cabal of rabid power brokers whose influence on the workings of this planet far exceeds that of the main players in the typical competitive fields of commerce and even politics. The origins of this cabal have been traced to a small network of interlinked family bloodlines going back to – and beyond – the dominant fiefdoms of power once present in the citadels of old Europe.

A Black Nobility, as it was known, that asserts a direct hereditary line to extra terrestrial "gods" that came to this planet at least two millennia ago and set about dominating its development according to a darkly scripted and distinctly sinister plan.

A line can be traced from that time right up to present day shadowy "Godfather" figures - who stand behind all the major banking, oil, pharmaceutical and military industrial corporations of this decade.

Now, to understand the mechanics whereby this dark clan evolved its control strategies, we have to enter its domain and have a look around inside. This exercise demands a surety of touch on the part of the infiltrator as well as a well-grounded sense of the inter-connective nature of the energies that make up the total portrait of life, from the darkest to the lightest points of the spectrum.

In this case, we are going to enter – and try to gain an understanding of – the darkest end of the spectrum. This is the domain from which the Illuminati entities draw their sustenance – and if we don't get a feel for the way it works, we can't accomplish our mission.

We will travel a passage which directly connects the resonant light region to the morphic dark region, using a vehicle – ourselves – which remains innerly illumined throughout.

So here we go...

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