This blog is only about awakening, nothing more, nothing less. Anything that will contribute to the possibility of complete liberation from the dream, or from the mass hallucination of humanity, or from the mental matrix, or from the false self, or from the lie, or any other label you want to call it, is welcome here. The key words are FREEDOM and JOY. Sometimes I think this just keeps the story going and only adds to the insanity, and there's too much of that already. But something is trying to pry the lid off still, something awaits to be seen. We are all in this boat together, so here we go......have fun!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Transformation of Humanity: Reclaiming Our Spiritual Power

I deeply resonate with this video. Though I do not believe we are each individually and karmically responsible for the negative aspects playing out in the world today, as a collective we have agreed to go the limit and decide the world we wish to live in. What do we represent? I say not Light or Dark, but wholeness, balance, openness, honesty, and love. We can do this, dear friends, we can turn this ship around and head for open sea. Claim your true self, this pristine Consciousness where war is unknown.

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