This blog is only about awakening, nothing more, nothing less. Anything that will contribute to the possibility of complete liberation from the dream, or from the mass hallucination of humanity, or from the mental matrix, or from the false self, or from the lie, or any other label you want to call it, is welcome here. The key words are FREEDOM and JOY. Sometimes I think this just keeps the story going and only adds to the insanity, and there's too much of that already. But something is trying to pry the lid off still, something awaits to be seen. We are all in this boat together, so here we go......have fun!

Friday, 26 November 2010

We are the Same One

If the only prayer your say in your entire life is
"thank you," that would suffice.

~ Meister Eckhart

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To Meet in the Play

I am officially no longer an 'Advaita teacher' or 'Nonduality teacher' - if, indeed, I ever was one. Life cannot be put into words, and however beautiful the words of Advaita/Nonduality are, they must be discarded in the end. I could never claim to be any sort of authority on this stuff. I will continue to speak, to sing my song to those who are open to listening, but gone is the need to adhere to any tradition, to use Advaita-speak to avoid real, authentic human engagement, to pretend that I am in any way more or less special than you, to kid you that I know more than you, to play the 'teacher' by refusing to meet you in the play, to stop listening to you because I see you as 'still stuck in the dream' or 'still a person'. This message is about love, in the true sense of the word - otherwise it is simply nihilism masquerading as freedom. The 'Advaita Police' reply 'Who cares?'. I say I do. I do.

~ Jeff Foster

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Getting enlightened is a great thing. I recommend it. But then what are you going to do? Are you going to love everybody and everything deeply and madly? If not, why bother with enlightenment. would just be a
personal trip. Just go play the lottery...or take a lot of vacations...

~ Scott Kiloby

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Not knowing

I may not know my original face
but I know how to smile.
I may not know the recipe for the diameter of a circle
but I know how to cut a slice for a friend.
I may not be Mary or the Buddha
but I can be kind.
I may not be a diamond cutter
but I still long for rays of light
that reach the heart.
I may not be standing on the hill of skulls
but I know love when I see it.

~ Stephen Levine

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"...did any of your students ever become enlightened? "
"Sure. many of them"
"How can you tell?"
"Easy. They stop following me or anyone else, do not talk ceaselessly about 'teachers', 'teachings', 'spirituality' and other such matters, and they go on with their lives free from fears and pretenses.

~ Nasrudin

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