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Monday, 27 September 2010

Deepened Entrenchment

It seems like it would be very easy for someone you’ve given some sort of authority to (even an unintended, projected authority) to say all the right words to you, all the right things to you, all the most comforting, ideologically satisfying terms and conditions when it comes to what you want to hear about spirituality. And the marketplace is geared for that. There is just about every single flavor out there for people to dive into. And they do. Those who say they are leading spiritual lives, and they are spiritual people, and so forth. There is very little challenging that goes on. And the challenging that does come about is a challenge more toward – well, deepening an entrenchment into identification, rather than a challenge in the opposite direction, of allowing to dismantle what’s allowing one to believe lies, to believe untruth, to believe what’s not the case in favor of what is totally the case, and always has been and always will be, in a time bound structure – and beyond. What is fascinating to see is just how completely riveted a spiritual seeker can be on thinking and believing that they are making “progress” because they have done so much “work” on themselves. And to see directly, while as perfect as that is – those are the trajectories that need to be followed – but in light of what they THINK are being pointed toward, it’s the exact opposite. It could not be more averse or unattuned. Now, in the broad scheme, sometimes you need to be duped for a long, long time in order to finally have the day come where the shackles come off and the scales fall from the eyes – and that’s why I say it’s perfect. What I’m merely trying to convey is that, to watch this going on – to hear this – to sort of see people becoming so entrenched, and being so caught up – there is a remembering of what that was like. And how caught up in the brambles one can be come in that situation. However, when it comes to Truth Realization, ultimately any sort of self development, self improvement like that, makes no sense. There is nothing you can do to any of that kind of a structure that’s going to have any bearing on Truth Realization. It’s slated or not slated from moment one. What working on the ego, self improvement, self development does is bury people even further into this tangled mess – yet at the same time they think all of this so-called development is “working”, and they listen to people who are telling them to do keep doing this – maybe even challenging them on those counts, but challenging them in the wrong direction. And how willingly our belief is suspended in that position – how willingly we allow ourselves to fall into that trap, to fall into that guise of progress, fall into somebody telling us, or “challenging” us to be better – while, when it comes to Truth, what they are actually often doing is moving us away, trapping us, or even burying us further into the muck than perhaps we have ever been.

Just Perception

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