This blog is only about awakening, nothing more, nothing less. Anything that will contribute to the possibility of complete liberation from the dream, or from the mass hallucination of humanity, or from the mental matrix, or from the false self, or from the lie, or any other label you want to call it, is welcome here. The key words are FREEDOM and JOY. Sometimes I think this just keeps the story going and only adds to the insanity, and there's too much of that already. But something is trying to pry the lid off still, something awaits to be seen. We are all in this boat together, so here we go......have fun!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Bowl Is Not Its Contents

It's been a VERY long time since I have posted anything....this mind being unwoven and unraveled leaves this one speechless and so enamored of what is only obvious as HERE and NOW...what use are words? As soon as I type, they become superfluous. Yet I have recently encountered some beautiful mind/bodies drifting through a talk by Rupert Spira and I did recommend my Blog, foolish human that I am. So let's see what might come of that....

Anything that does not point immediately to THIS that is the most VIVID and exceptionally present aliveness now appearing, is dead...the teaching that focuses on anything other than THIS cannot help you. You must investigate every moment for yourself, continually turning towards THAT which sees through your OWN EYES, what is it it that witnesses the words, the typing, the keyboard, the thinking, the screen? WHAT IS THIS? Can you sense the aliveness, here ever-present, breathing your body into being moment by moment?

The PLAY of life is secondary, but this ALIVE PRESENCE is primary. Put your awareness HERE and all is instantly resolved. The questions themselves dissolve into laughter. I see your questions arising, and those thoughts too are just clouds if you release them and let them go.

There are others WAY more articulate than I when it comes to this. I am better at addressing what arrives in the moment. The attempt to make an essay out of what THIS is dissolves the moment I attempt it!

Let me try once again....

As you sit with thoughts, feelings, beliefs, the swirl of past and future....what is TRUE about THIS moment NOW appearing? PAY ATTENTION to THIS....WHO is breathing the body? Who sits? Who thinks? From where do the thoughts and feelings arise? Put your attention there, like a scientist investigating the source of a theory. From where does life arise, in your own experience, here and now...LOOK!

I will not even attempt to describe this because what is here for this entity is not important to your own discovery. Why would I present something your mind would then use as a comparison? You must look for yourself and discover your nature, your unfolding essence. You are blossoming like a flower and missing the astounding display because you are looking through books of knowledge for a description instead of gazing in wonderment at your own unfolding beauty!

I do not mean look at your self in a mirror, I mean look at what is HERE in your own CONSCIOUSNESS, ever-present, alive, dynamic, multidimensional, complete, and all inclusive. Nothing is missing. YOU are PERFECT.

This perfection, forever HERE and NOW, will always exist as a container from which your sense of a personal "I" arises and comes into being, to play within this holographic 3D world. This is your world, your playground. Whatever you are dreaming, whatever limitations you entertain, whatever depths you wish to explore, the truth of this vast empty beauty remains unblemished. This freedom that you are remains immaculate.

I can feel your mind straining to put these words into context, to find a relationship between your current understanding from what you have read and witnessed in the past to these expressions now appearing as not be confused by the words, they are ONLY pointers.

The mind has a certain function within which it is functionally literate, and that is as a compiler of data. It easily organizes all sensory experience, physical, mental, and emotional, and when needed recalls relative knowledge for review. One is constantly "looking" through one's files to compare current experience to the past in order to make sense of the in-streaming data. This function is perfect when you need to remember how to trouble shoot your computer or repair your bicycle, but it cannot help you KNOW your own FUNCTIONING as it occurs MOMENT to MOMENT. Only awareness, pointing at the crux of this vital, alive juncture of Beingness can come to know ITSELF. These words cannot help you at all. No explanation that anyone else offers can help you. YOU must turn towards the aliveness you sense at the edge of your own functioning as it interacts with the body's senses, this place where awareness intersects and interacts with moment by moment experience....HERE! NOW! Where else would it be!

DO NOT look into the world of THINKING, it is not there! Remember, thoughts are as much things as an apple or computer. They are programs, traces of the past arising as you look for information in the files of your internal database, what you seek cannot be find in a dead file! Just look at the millions of files you have accumulated, believing that the truth can be found by collecting old data! The living truth is ALIVE! It caresses and surrounds you, breathes you, moves you, births you, but does not ever limit you. It is there in the purring of your cat, in the creaking of the floor, in the thrum of the is also in the turd floating in the toilet, in the vomit on the carpet, in the pain in your gut...everything, everywhere, forever.

 It is enough to send me to my knees a thousand times a day...

"What to do?" the mind asks. Each moment provides the answer. When the door bell rings, open the door and see who is there. When your spouse or child or co-worker speaks, listen. When someone asks for help, provide what you can. When you are undone, stay there and see what happens. Meet the moment and BE PRESENT as much as you can. Every day. This is your life. If you want to know the truth, if you REALLY want to know the truth, you will know it. It's that simple. If you think it's not, it won't be. You are that powerful. (SMILE).

Please forget EVERYTHING I just wrote and go find out for yourself. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

hi, can you remember,back before we ever thought of descending into matter,you got mad at me because my dinosaur ate your dinosaur.i feel its time to remember ourselves and to simply be.... no effortrequired other than to just be.....thou art God

SuZen said...

I don't know how it is possible for there to be anyone mad about anything that didn't even exist yet, but simply being is the only possible way to know what is true. On that, I am in complete agreement.