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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Real Life Begins With Self-Realization

As long as consciousness experiences itself as limited with a particular body and mind, it needs some method of interiorization, such as Yoga, to extricate itself from the world of appearances in order to realize the true nature of its own Self. Yoga practice prepares for the awakening to take place from the inner Self.

Only by this awakening or rebirth is the deeper realm of Being realized. Thus the consciousness drops all false associations and realizes its own innate nature which is Peace and Bliss. It now discerns directly the changeful realms of mind and matter as not-self, as mere variable objects lit up by Itself as the subject. Through continued discerning practice, Self-Analysis, consciousness becomes fully established in the Truth of its own Being and that is Self-Realization.

This means that no object or mental wave has any more power to mislead consciousness away from its true nature which is pure awareness, peace and innate happiness.

Real Life begins with Self-realization.

~ Srimati Margaret Coble

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