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Saturday, 9 August 2008

Self Responsibility

What now can you few do to stem the tide of blackness as it deepens more and more quickly? Shall we recount again all that you already know, and groan and beat upon our breasts as did the prophets of old, and cry out for "God" to save us? Millions are already doing that to a Creator they think ignores their cries for an answer to their prayers. It is in the perception of victims that desire rescuing that they ask, and they cannot receive answers to such prayers. Indeed, only those prayers that ask for empowerment within the framework of Creation can be answered. Do you think that the stars stay up in your heavens by casual request of a god-being? Indeed not! They are there within the design of balance and mathematical laws that underpin All That Is. Man continues in his mindless begging and blocks the very help he desires by being unwilling to participate, except in ways that are contrary to the very Laws that support his unhappy existence. The story of these Laws surrounds us all in what remains of Nature, but in his misery, he blinds himself. The scientific learned ones analyze the components, but not the process of Life within the manifested structures of Life that surround them. The mental analysis of the mind deludes him into an arrogant belief of his superiority over his surroundings, rather than his brotherhood and kinship within it. How can those be helped that are becoming more and more blind to the very process within which they exist?

The victim cannot be rescued, but must pull himself up by his own boot straps and rescue himself by being responsible for his own rescue. Man is made in the essence of his Source. He is a tiny holograph of this Source. A holograph is a tiny fragment of the whole that has the potentiality of projecting the whole from which it came. Though the concept of the holograph has been encompassed in part, it has not been "analyzed" with application to the essence of Life that is within all self-aware beings. It is the refocusing of this fragment toward its Source of existence that determines the degree of the totality of the Source that is brought forth into the known reality of each fragment’s experience.

If you consider the degree of the focus that has brought forth the planet Earth from the fragment of its Source, you can begin to get the picture. Look at the magnificence of the human body that is the vehicle of your experience here. A vehicle capable of housing a self-awareness that can contemplate its Source if it but will, because that Source contemplates itself and, in so doing, fragments Itself so that it can further contemplate Itself through manifestation of experience. Within it, is the freewill to do this. Since freewill is the vehicle for this contemplation, then it is manifest within each holographic fragment. This freewill allows for all experience within a further enhancement of this Self-contemplation process. This is the polarity that enables the recognition of that which serves the contemplation process and that which does not, so that the balance of these allows for the completion of each exploration into the return of the fragment that was originally projected to its Source. To follow this process as presented, there is a spiral of understanding as this is contemplated by the mind reading this information. Each fragment returns itself to the Source that projected it. Thus, you are led to understand the framework of the process you are within, for each of you are a holographic fragment of the Source of All That Is in the process of self-contemplation. Ah, panic, you will become as nothing if you follow the path of the return. Indeed not! With each returning phase toward the Source of your entry into experience, your own self-awareness grows, and it becomes greater and greater until you have the absolute potential to being a total equal within the greater Totality of that Source contemplating Itself.

From "Handbook for a New Paradigm"

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