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Sunday, 13 May 2007

Happy Mojsha's Day!

My 19 year old son, Sean, calls me Mojsha, and has for several years now, his term for "Mother". I like the sound of it. It is a new word for what I am that has no previous connotations attached to it, so its possible meanings are endless. There is affection implied in it, a shared story that begins with birth and lingers, stitching together the memories that define the content of a life.

Sean is the third of four brothers. They are my teachers and some of my most favorite people. We always laughed well together, a good thing, especially since I fell down a lot while I was still raising them. Their patience has taught me patience. They offer me a natural forgiveness that erases the error because, according to them, it was never committed. Acceptance, as is. Now it bounces back and forth between us without question.

Nathan, the oldest, is now a Daddy himself. His son, my GRANDSON, is a chubby little Buddha boy, a pure expression of life, slowly assimilating himself into the pack, learning the basics of life in the human realm, the realm of thought and emotion. Without discrimination, he absorbs all that is available, unable to imagine that others don't share his expanded viewpoint of "Not Two".

I worry a bit about the world he has been born into. It's a little crazy here at the moment. But he so embraces the moment, with full abandon, and I see in him an unconcern as to how long the moment may last. Life moves and has its way with us, beyond concepts of space and time, and the outcome is unknown. The "lesser" creatures are naturally attuned to this, only humans have created a dream world they succumb to and get lost in. But we have the capacity to AWAKEN and return to our natural functioning, as representatives of LIFE experiencing itself through the human form. I am fortunate my sons are aware of this.

I am most glad that I gave my sons the gift of home birth. Three of my sons were born breech, and I am certain in a hospital environment, they would have insisted on emergency C-sections, which in my case would have been unnecessary. I learned so much from labor, surrendering to the force of creation as it blew strong and hard through this body. What a powerful thing to be awake to, this amazing ability of the female body to replicate life. it is witnessing and participating in evolution itself. How cool is that!

All of my sons are artists. Nathan is a model and photographer. Orion, now 23, is studying cinematography at college. Sean is a street musician, painter, performance artist extraordinaire, and definitely outside the box. Jeremy, the youngest, is 12. He is still sorting it out, still learning the ropes. He has spent a little too much time in public "schooling" for my taste, but he is coming to Costa Rica this summer, and maybe the programming will fade away in the jungle.

Mojshahood has been the ultimate adventure for me, I have loved every second of it. Just watching another human being unfold, sharing itself with itself. Life is awesome in it's simplicity.

Thanks boys, for sharing it with me.

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