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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Walk As a Universal Being on Earth

by Eileen Meyer
Angelic Transmission in 2004, Published in Sedona Journal 2009

People say that they want to transcend, that they want to meet and know God. And then when God begins to rattle around in their consciousness the fear erupts, for there is no “known” identification with this frequency. There has been a loss of memory. For most have been invested for so long, for so many cycles, in the human world – in this disconnected state from the rest of themselves.

This is the cycle that is ending. And in this process, in order to stay in form and rejoin with Creation, or the Universal, there is a complete loss of identity - a complete surrender, as you say, to allow the form to be governed by the Universal Self. It does not mean that all relationships perish - all of your persons, places and things - it does not mean that they all perish, never to be seen again. It is that you press the restart button, and from that point forward you are relating in actuality with others, versus to relating to an image that you have designed within this human construct.

Why would one want to resist becoming Universal? There is no marker; there is no book; there is no story on your planet that prepares one for the actual meeting of the Unknown. Therefore, it is feared and resisted. There is no way to prepare for this, except gradually. And even those who have been preparing for years to allow this transformation – the full reversal from separation to Universal – even with these persons there can be resistance in the end, for they have had but glimpses of the Universal. For some it has been longer than glimpses - but the primary foundation of their life, in order to keep consistency with those around them, was to be focused in the conditioned world with the memory and the understanding that this is not all there is.

You see, they carry that knowing for a time. And you call these people "enlightened", by the way. They know, yet they still primarily operate within the human construct. They may pass on what they learn… report on what they have learned of the More, but your next step in your evolution is to BE that MORE – in all ways – including in physicality, in relationship with the earth, in relationship with what is actual.

The guidance at this time is to continue in your present-moment interactions, whatever that may be for you. Whether it is in words in this way or in a strictly feeling experience of it, you will be guided through this process to actual demonstration. Some of you have been consciously requesting and recalling portions of your overall intention for the life – to demonstrate the Universal on Earth… to be That Which You Are in form. In the past this has been theory, strictly theory, for how many examples have you experienced of the Universal Consciousness awakened on Earth? You have your stories about those characters long, long ago who seemed to have achieved this. This is not sufficient for you obviously, to make the transition yourself. For you have your examples embedded in your stories, icons, archetypes, but how often have you thought... how often have you wondered about That which is in you? How often have you asked to become That which you have projected onto others as beautiful; as loving; as powerful; as compassionate? That is the next leap for all of humanity and the opportunity, as we have said many times in the past, is to achieve and integrate this consciousness while in form; while maintaining your physicality. It is possible. And the possibilities are growing due to the willingness of some humans on Earth to take this next evolutionary step. Your dramas that you are experiencing now on the various stages throughout your human world, they will dissolve and there will be little memory of them when this choice is acted upon - to become That Which You Are - Heaven on Earth as you say.

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