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Monday, 11 February 2013

Transcending Language and the Leap of Faith

by Zen Gardner

Don’t you love dreams, especially the trippy ones where you’re sure you were there? I just had another one, and it brought up so many significant concepts and emphasized something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.

Manifesting the next level with all that is in us.

The main impact of the dream concerned communication. Not the message being conveyed, but the more than amazing power of our mode of communication. Both in how it can hamper and contain, or gloriously liberate our spirits.

Something that drastically affects the entire state of humanity.

Into the Library of Light

In the experience I was transcended into this other realm by a series of very touching dream events. It was wonderful. I was transported in that spiritual yet physical kind of way “up” into this other realm. There I was introduced to this modern looking library-ish place with glass walls, and happy people of all kinds and ages. It was hovering over a pristine planet below and filled with awake, beautiful vibrant people, some floating and some walking, with lots of children around this big room with elevated library levels and a hubbub of audibly silent, peaceful activity.

Everyone was effortlessly busy and innately knew what they were supposed to be doing; no pressure, no hurry, and communication was oh so easy and simple.

I was greeted as if I was expected and was immediately accepted and integrated as everyone just kept about their business. I pestered my beautiful “governess” of the outpost guide about contacting my loved ones left behind about what had just happened to me so they wouldn’t worry. I was clearly a novice but even that was accepted blithely and in stride and they were checking out ways of contacting them. If there was “protocol” even that was open for reconsideration.

Cool? It was. But so profoundly, openly communicative.

Conscious Communication is the Key to Conscious Empowerment

The most profound realization and insight of this experience was how everyone communicated. There were many messages and many personal details involved, but the REAL world of conscious communication is NOTHING like what we experience here. Somehow everyone who needed to know something knew it. There was no useless chatter I could “hear”, and it wasn’t silence in between like something was missing.
It was perfectly orchestrated, but naturally.

What struck me as I thought about this experience is that we are all controlled by our very manner of communication more than the content. Because in this life we have this huge buffer called our ego or false self, this mind and voice box controller, we can formulate what we want the other party to hear. This makes for a huge gap in reality and allows for all these false fabrications of projected truth vs REAL truth that we witness every day.

Hence our screwed up world of lies, phony nuances and easy deception. And anyone stupid enough to tell the honest truth gets trampled on like a bug on a city street. Here. But not there.
There Truth isn’t something to strive for, it’s a simple and glorious matter of fact way of loving, vibrant life.

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