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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Terence McKenna - A New Kind of Time

“We are all, including myself, heavily freighted with linguistic momentum. . .the power of our own metaphors to carry us past the opportunity to listen to what other people are saying. What we are dreaming of is a common language. A linguistic transformation that is not dependent on culturally sanctioned dictionaries, but is in the bones, in the sinews, in the synapses, so that the ambiguity which attends all discussions of reality, will be purged. This is the essence of falling in love, one definition of which is nothing more than lifting the veils of misconception between two entities and still being able to move forward toward some kind of union. We have moved so far from an awareness of the feminine portion of our psyche, that now the thing dearest to us and closest to us must present itself in consciousness under the guise of an extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional invader. It’s a comment on the alienation of our era and the way this schism can be breached, the way this psychic wound can be healed, and a kind of species-wide individuality emerge, is through taking conscious control of the evolution of language. This means paying a great deal of more attention to what we say to each other, to linguistic intent. . .

“The UFO is an expression of our longing for wholeness.

“Communication, which we take astonishingly for granted, is actually the great frontier of our spiritual becoming. . .”

And so much, much more.

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