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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Into The Vortex

Julian Rose
Activist Post

It's just a bit unnerving isn't it? I mean, the way we are all trying to hold on to our familiar patterns of existence while all around us the unfamiliar is trying to bust in and show us something else.

Elements splintering off the old order flash past our cognition at accelerating speeds. Bits fly off orthodox and seemingly fixed dogmas, disappearing into the dark vortex from whence they came.

Once sacrosanct molecular DNA models are cracking open to reveal a swirling mass of sub atomic intelligence rising and falling like human breath. Genetic determinism is dimming fast while the fluid genome is ever emergent. While our 13 billion human cells, we now understand, are intelligently engaged in a constant two way dialogue with the outside world; yet, we still think we think by using our brains.

So what's going on?

Well, for one thing, the solar system in which we live, move and have our being, is fast approaching the central gravitational plain of the greater Universe of which it is a part. A cyclic event, it seems, which comes around only once every 26,000 years, representing the culmination of a great voyage through the cosmos as well as possibly marking a certain stepping stone in human evolution.

So now, as I understand it, our world is approaching - and is about to pass through - the densest part of this universal gravitational field. Very soon, in fact. During this process, our 'normal' three dimensional experience of life will likely undergo a great shaking down; out of which may emerge something altogether slimmer, lighter and better adapted to merge into world's of fourth, fifth or even sixth dimensional experience. But only if we are prepared to allow ourselves to freely enter into such an undergoing and don't put up the shutters. 

The fact that this process is now speeding up and intensifying may explain why things are getting a bit chaotic here on Earth and why the messages that pulse out from this vortex are becoming ever more frequent and insistent. These messages are calling upon us to listen more willingly to the voice of our intuitions and to reconnect that which has for so long been disconnected; namely - 'head, heart and hand': Truly the rightful 'connected' state of existence for us human beings. Then to also allow a certain dissolving of the overtly intellectual field of expression to which our Western European culture has become so firmly attached; allowing in its place a more subtle and intuitive state to emerge.

There seems to be a call, perhaps directed towards urbanised man in particular, to ease off the computer keyboard and fore-sake the city pavement for the plough, so as to sculpt a fresh furrow in the field of life. To hone the eye to the symmetry of nature and heart to the rhythm of the seasons. Here, the call seems to be telling us, lies an enduring and time honoured river of life into which we are being invited to plunge.  

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