This blog is only about awakening, nothing more, nothing less. Anything that will contribute to the possibility of complete liberation from the dream, or from the mass hallucination of humanity, or from the mental matrix, or from the false self, or from the lie, or any other label you want to call it, is welcome here. The key words are FREEDOM and JOY. Sometimes I think this just keeps the story going and only adds to the insanity, and there's too much of that already. But something is trying to pry the lid off still, something awaits to be seen. We are all in this boat together, so here we go......have fun!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Waking Up Hurts

by Robert Cinque, Contributor

Finding out that my life has been based upon lie after lie is sickening and painful.  I threw up, like Neo in the movie The Matrix, when he discovered that his so called life was a dream, a nightmare of horrors, lie upon lie.

His awakening was bloody and painful. He did not greet it with a smile, he had to recover from it, his own awakening!  The truth is so massive, so crushing, no one can endure its weight.

The Truth literally crushes you to death, and that is why Awakening is about It, not “me”.   Your identity as a separate entity will not survive the journey to enlightenment. The Truth hurts, but it’s still the Truth, still Life Giving. There is no need for beliefs when you have the Truth, or rather, when It has you.

In our world, it’s not only the tyrants who lie their asses off, it’s the priests and doctors too, unwitting administrators of torture and falsehood.  They promote lies they sincerely believe.

But does the truth care about my beliefs about it? No. Do my ideas affect the truth?  No.

Maps are not the Territory.  Menus are not the Meal.

Eat the Real, Live the Territory.

The Territory is the Radiant Conscious Field of Intelligent Light, the Impossible Wonder of the Presence of Life.  The Meal is the ecstatic Whole Body Enjoyment of this undeniable Truth: the entirety of Reality Itself is your most fundamental identity now, we are absolutely inherently identical to Whatever the Fuck It Is that became us, little ole you and me, go figure.  When we finally come to grips with the mind shattering reality of our Actual Condition, now, we will be able to manage our lives and this planet without conflict.

The Map is a compilation of our scientifically materialistic, religiously psychotic, politically constipated, culturally anemic ideas about It. Our job is to move from the Map to the Territory.

In my last essay, Whatever Destroyed the Towers Could Power the Planet, I identified 3 lies, 3 social memes that infect the body of Humanity and regulate its behavior just as surely as our genes rule our bodies.

Here is one more, the most basic lie of all, the one that most enables our domination by the Matrix.


The so-called ego is born from an assumption.  It is not an entity, but a belief in one, a belief in a separate self, one that is marooned on an island of flesh.  Belief in the ego is the result of a confusion about uniqueness, where individuation becomes the equivalent of separation. The ego is a belief, a primitive superstition, a cult of one, an emotional recoil dramatized as abandonment and betrayal.  Every ego is a fundamentalist, a fascist, and a tyrant in a drama of perpetrator/victim.  I call it the Poor me/Fuck you syndrome.

The truth is, I don’t have an ego and neither do you!  We have a belief in ego, an assumption about our state that has no basis in Reality itself. A belief in something doesn’t make it true, no matter how devout we are, no matter how dedicated we may be to that belief.  Pious devotion to falsehood turns people into fools.  When you unpack your “self” and all its contents, it turns out to be just a pile of old books and dirty laundry.

The One who did the unpacking, That’s Who I Am. You too.

There is only one Reality, not two. The One became the “two”.  Still, no “objects” actually exist, only Consciousness Exists.  You are That, showing up like a Fish in the Ocean.

You are the Ocean, the Fish, and the Observer, all at once.  How can this be?  No one knows.

It just is.

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