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Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Myth of Yoga or Integration

The Oxford English Dictionary gives the following definitions:

Yoga - System of meditation and asceticism designed to effect reunion with the universal spirit.

Integration - The combination of parts into a whole.

Common questions that one sees are 'how to integrate self-realization into one's day to day life?' or 'how to achieve yoga - union?'. However, both of these questions are based on a false premise which is that there is something separate which needs to be reunited, or combined, into the universal wholeness. Now it can be readily seen, on the experiential level, that each moment is just an experience consisting of thoughts/mental- images and sensations appearing in Awareness (I.e. we are aware of them). So that deeper than this flow of objects (thoughts/mental- images and sensations) we are this constant conscious subjective presence - Awareness. For a more detailed exposition of this see chapter two of Beyond The Separate Self or chapter one of A Light Unto Your Self.

Once this self-realization has occurred one sees that there never was any separation, as that which one truly is - pure Awareness, consciousness at rest - can never be separate from the Totality of consciousness. In the same way it can be seen that nothing is ever separate from This (consciousness) which exists in two states, at rest as pure Awareness, and in motion as cosmic energy. Every thing in existence is a configuration of this energy for modern physics has shown that matter is equivalent to energy, and the string theory posits that all matter is composed of strings of energy vibrating at different frequencies.

Now all motion arises in stillness, exists in stillness, is known by its comparison with stillness, and eventually subsides back into stillness. For example, if you walk across a room, before you start there is stillness, as you walk the room is still and you know you are moving relative to this stillness, and when you stop once again there is stillness. In the same way every 'thing' (consciousness in motion) arises in Awareness (consciousness at rest), exists in Awareness, is known in Awareness and subsides back into Awareness. Awareness is still, but is the container of all potential energy which is continually bubbling up into manifestation (physical energy) and then subsiding back into stillness.

Therefore pure Awareness, that which we truly are at the deepest level, is the substratum of all existence, the source, ground, seer and dissolution of all things. So there is, and never was, any thing that needed to be reunited, or combined, with the universal wholeness; for no separation is possible. In the same way our 'day to day existence' is never separate from This (pure Awareness) and thus no integration is necessary. For when examined living is seen to be a series of momentary experiences that seem to merge together to form something we call my life. As previously stated, it can be readily seen on the experiential level that each moment is just an experience consisting of thoughts/mental- images and sensations appearing in Awareness (i.e. we are aware of them).

So we need to be very careful when contemplating reality not to fall into the trap of assuming that we need to integrate ourselves, or achieve yoga (union), as there never was any separation. Any mode of thought that seems to posit a separate self which needs to be integrated, or united, subtly reinforces the myth of separation, and thus should be avoided or treated with care.

~ Colin Drake

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Anonymous said...

It may be wise to ask Colin Drake or anyone else making statements of what is "How Are "You" Functioning in "your own" daily life". Drop all the theory and just ask him or go visit him and see for yourself.

What I have found is Self is real up to a point, and then it goes. Once Self is discovered to be just self-referencing mind, then it "Self" returns to its natural state of "No-Self" ...back to Zero back to emptiness from where i come from.....and that's the end of it.

You are free and always where, just a miss-perception has accrued from generation to generation. !!

So....When thought is needed or a real outside demand is happening like "how do I get to the airport" then it (Mind)comes forward to care for the real and now. Mind and the entire movie of ME then returns to its natural state of Zero. Objects then create the subject, as there is no subject or ME to start this movement. So once again the objects create the subject in our natural state.

So in ones Natural State it is all automatic and no thought is needed to function in our daily life. To keep looking, searching, or wanting more from the mind, or the emotions, or anything in the world of time just keeps the data going on and on and on...No matter how holy or important we may believe the objects or thoughts to be.... All this data, stuff, thoughts, stops the ME from returning to zero, and from residing in it natural state. Just get out of your own way is all that is needed..

So once we are back in our natural state it is out of our hands, up to grace, and there is no-self to keep messing things up..

Thoughts still come and go, mind still comes and goes, all objects still come and goes, but who we really are "does not come and go". This "Who We Are" is the white screen behind the movie, the background, the true source from which all the "stuff" arises from.

Once we slow down the movie of ME we find it is just single frames, just like in a movie. Once we are able to see each frame as each moment then we have the freedom to function from moment to moment with no residue. This is in fact a state of not-knowing... This is the freedom you are and have always been. This happens on its own with no effort needed once we stop the story.

Each awakened individual is different, each functions a bit differently, so their is no set way or method that works for all.

Once the movie of ME slows down it becomes possible to see each frame on its own.., this is called meditation with the eyes open. This is the true Awareness of what is, right in front of us this moment..Not five minutes from now but right now.

Just stay here in zero long enough for all the dreams to shatter, then the light will flow in on it own, and one will see clearly with no-effort.

There is no illusions here, it is all just a perception, or miss-perception.

Good Luck...Swami John

SuZen said...

You are not the only one who sees this truth, but perhaps the only one who describes this Seeing using the particular terms you choose. How do I know "you" aren't just parroting a version of truth you haven't yet experienced? I notice you are skeptical of others' realization, but truth is truth and so who cares? If it's real, it will stand up on its own and anyone will be able to discover it for themselves. That is if truth is what they seek and not argument.