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Saturday, 29 January 2011

And The People Stand Firm, Unafraid, and Listen

This is the essence of what is happening and unfolding, moment by moment. The only thing we can do is allow, breathe, accept, say "Yes." Life is in motion, coming into balance on its own, and we are moved by this naturally into awakening. And so it is.

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In the face of rising warmth and light, a flower opens to the new day's Sun.

In the face of rising light and love, a planet's population wakes from sleep emerges from control, and reclaims its freedom.

It wakes from fear, throws off paralysis, and reclaims its power.

It wakes from hate, throws off suspicion, and reclaims its love.

It wakes from violence, throws off control, and reclaims its peacefulness.

And the people stand firm, unafraid, and listen.

And all around, the forces that controlled them lash out with every weapon they possess – police, provocateurs, military, water cannons, tear gas, guns. They issue threats; warn of reprisals; unleash storms and earthquakes; rain chemicals from the air; disrupt their travel, business, education, families.

But the people join together not as citizens of Iran, Tunisia, Myanmar, or France; not as Hindus, Muslims, Christians, or Jews; but as citizens of the world. They recognize how they've been carved up into nations, classes, religions; had language differences and class divides imposed on them; and in every other way been divided and conquered. They reject all division and join together as one - men, women, and children.

They raise the banner of light and love, peace and harmony. They tell the truth and seek more of it. They declare the freedom of all people and the right to health and choice and learning. They reject the use of force and control, censorship and manipulation, indebtedness and impoverishment.

They set their faces against fear and hate. They refuse to harm or kill or cooperate with those who do. They lay down their weapons everywhere. They walk away from bombs and poisons, warships and warplanes.

They depart from organizations that produce pandemic viruses and tainted vaccines, plot to overthrow democratic regimes, issue threats and carry out assassinations, suppress new technologies, and pollute the Earth.

They liberate the halls of power, courts of justice, places of confinement, and mediums of communication.

And the people stand firm, unafraid, and listen.

They learn of their part in bringing on their own subservience and in throwing off their chains.

They wonder how this could have happened and what is next.

They hear how this new age has been expected and anticipated, fostered and nurtured. They learn how this awakening, emergence, and rebirth are supported by a cast of millions, who until now have worked in the shadows and behind the scenes.

They learn how these people are our families from other places, dimensions, and even ages. They learn how these people have come here to end our impoverishment, debilitation, and subjugation.

They learn how these people have seen to it that the light of freedom was never quenched or servitude imposed on us as a planet.

They learn how these people have in hand the means of abundance, freedom, and fulfillment and give it freely.

And the people stand firm, unafraid, and listen.

They hear how our controllers intended to depopulate the globe and retain a fraction of us to serve them. They hear how fear has been used to control and exploit us. They drop their anxiousness of terrorism, Armageddon, starvation, catastrophe, and annihilation.

They rejoice at what awaits us - freedom from suppression and control. They realize the future is ours to decide with no new master looming; They see that no one seeks to place us under heel but to liberate us.

They breathe in new energy, share new abundance, look upon new technologies, and see the Earth being newly cleansed. They realize the sleep of millennia is over and a new day has dawned, a day without barriers, fear, or control.

And the people stand firm, unafraid, and listen.

And the people laugh and shout for joy, in loving anticipation.

~ Steve Beckow - The 2012 Scenario

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