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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Enlightenment is Irrelevent

Here are some entries from the blog of Jacqueline Hobbs:
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No-one there

If there is no-one there, enlightenment is irrelevant. We spend so much time searching for the right thing to do, to make realization happen, that we neglect to think about who it is doing all the searching. Who is this that wants enlightenment so badly? A false sense of an existent self. Nevertheless, whether we like it or not, that sense of self is there. All we can do is remember that actually, there's no-one there. We are taken, as appropriate, when the time is right, to what needs to happen to see that false sense of self be slowly released. It always happens in a different way for each one of us and the mechanics of that is not under our control. Ultimately, given that there's no-one there, there's nothing that needs to be done. Realization only comes into existence for some, "one" but if there isn't any "one", the whole business never arises.

When the mind ends

When the mind ends, there is Silence. Mind is ego. If the mind ends though, it is usually temporary. The ego has to disappear completely for the absence of mind to be permanent. All spiritual techniques aim for a permanent end to the mind. Once we realize that "we" do nothing and nothing is within our control, the ego function becomes so thoroughly weakened, in the end it passes away. Self-inquiry is another means by which the mind is finished with. Here, rather than trying to stop the mind, we go beyond it, to where it does not exist. Devotion or surrender to a guru is exactly the same as all these techniques. We accept everything exactly as it is: completely accepting it as the guru's will. By fixing on the guru, we focus entirely on what is beyond mind. Whichever technique we pursue - and this is only three - only when there is no longer any mind motion and thinking is entirely absent, will the ego die. Of course by this time we realize that the ego was never there. And all of this is predestined and not a matter of us "making" it happen. We can't. It either will or it won't. How it happens, or the merit by which it happens, is not for us to judge either. None of it has anything to do with us: this is the only way that the mind truly gives up.

Did you notice?

Did you notice what the person with your name did today? What he or she felt? What they thought? What they said (and didn't?) Did you notice what feelings that person had today, what emotions arose, when? Did you register what and how that person is feeling about life right now. ... Do you realize that's not you? You are so taken up with that person with your name, you never stop for a moment to focus on what it is that functions through that person, looks straight through their eyes, has the ability to register and take part in all that gets said and done. Focus instead on yourself. By that I mean, become aware of what "you" are: awareness itself. Stop stock still and don't wander outwards. Stay absolutely still and focus - "rest" - in that awareness. This reference point is all that you have. It is the gateway "in": away from the person, the ego-centre, thoughts, feelings and life experiences ... into the Heart.


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