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Monday, 4 May 2009

Is It Time to Jump?

When I peruse the various news articles that abound concerning the state of our physical world, I would have to say that the information is all in all rather grim. We are watching the collapse of an old paradigm that has been based on the mass hypnosis of the majority in order to benefit a small minority. Now the masks are increasingly falling away, yet the folly gets more and more outrageous. Bankers and CEO's are getting huge bailouts while average folks are losing their homes and jobs. Those who trusted their governments to work on their behalf for a better world are now realizing it was a vast Ponzi scheme that merely transferred their hard-earned assets into the hands of those who create debt out of nothing and make us pay for it. It is amazing that we have been duped for so long.

But people are now starting to wake up to the truth about it all, not just that we've been trained all our lives to be the slaves to this usurious economic system, but also that we are not just bit players in someone else's story. We are waking up outside of the mental matrix that has kept us on the merry-go-round of fear and confusion. We are discovering that we are not the content of our thoughts, any more than a computer is its programs. Many of us are looking for a new way to function that is outside the known, where we can finally align with our inner authenticity and creativity and give it room to breathe and grow.
When I look at the system as it is, I recognize its dysfunction. It is not designed for individual freedom at all, even though we have been taught since kindergarten that we are the free-est nation on earth. It is designed to implant in our thoughts and psyches the beliefs and reasoning that will turn us into good little consumers and taxpayers, so that the system, which benefits only those who developed the system, continues, reaping vast profits for those in control at the expense of everyone else. And the United States is the best example of how well they've succeeded in getting us to buy what they're selling.

What's really weird is when you realize that the psychological and social experiment has been an incredible success. Government and the corporate sector have received immense political and economic power because we volunteered to give it to them. In exchange, we get the burden of humongous debt. What a great ruse, eh?

So how to get out of this trap? Many believe we must go head to head with these bozos, protesting, blogging, reporting every last bit of insanity, blocking legislation or coming up with new legislation to punish the bad guys. But while we go around making a lot of noise and shaking our fists, they are quietly in the background continuing to play out their game. We think we have accomplished something by marching in the rain with our placards and signs, listening to those great inspirational speeches, and buddying up with our disgruntled neighbors for a bit, but ultimately it ends up being another distraction and nothing really changes. The number one thing we must each realize is that there is NO WHITE KNIGHT! There is no savior coming to rescue you! YOU are the only one who can create the change you seek. Why do you think you are so fed up with your cookie cutter life, based on what someone else told you it should be? The truth is, we are meant to be FREE, truly free, to live a uniquely, authentic life from your deepest dreams, not to be shuttled onto a conveyor belt where it's all decided for you.

So, if you've realized there's no rescue, what are you waiting for? Do you dare to say no to whatever is draining your energy, your attention, and your pocketbook? Whatever objects you've surrounded yourself with are your prison. Let them go. Whoever keeps you in check, afraid to say, do and be the truth, slave to a clock or a schedule or a diet or a doctrine or anything outside yourself, let them go. Not with anger and hate, but with the realization that it was just an honest case of mistaken identity. And then do what you've dared to dream. You already know what that is. You've been afraid to think it, let alone say it. But NOW is the time, and HERE is the place, and there's no getting around it this time. There's no escape.

To step outside the known is the greatest adventure imaginable. It allows for great revolutionary, evolutionary acts. It is moment to moment creation, incredibly alive and creative. It is knowing that whatever you thought you needed faith in is so real, that faith become superfluous. What is needed becomes very simple and clear. Food, water, shelter, clothing, these things are the bottom line. Life in all simplicity is absolutely abundant. It isn't about accumulating stuff or money, anymore. It's about LIVING, being FULLY ALIVE EVERY MOMENT!

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