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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

He Who Hesitates is Lost

Well, there aren't hundreds stampeding to view my site. Am I too radical? How can this be? It's just the truth as I see it, and the possibility of CHANGE. Maybe there are few who really want to change...

I guess people still believe if they pray, chant, meditate, march, and talk enough, the change will take care of itself. Well, it will, in one sense. Whatever will happen, will happen. Maybe Ron Paul will be President and global warming will not cause any problems for the next 100 years (but I'm not holding my breath!) It would be nice to believe we have all the time necessary so we can continue living the lives we've worked so hard to create so far. So much easier to be on automatic, to continue to believe in a God who will save us, to think clicking away at the internet will do some good. I mean, why make waves?

Maybe your life is basically good, and you are relatively content. You are able to pay the bills, you have a little in savings for a rainy day, your children are doing well in school. It's nice to come home, put up your feet, watch your favorite show on TV, pop something in the microwave. Maybe you have a satisfying relationship with someone who likes similar activities. Maybe your sex life is improving. It's just so much easier to not look around too much, not read too much, not be too aware of the rest of the world. Just keep keeping on making the mortgage and car payments, paying taxes, accumulating more gadgets to make life easier. I mean isn't that what it's all about?

You look around you and everyone else is pretty much doing the same thing. It's interesting to get together and talk about the insanity that is happening, how Joe can't sell his house and it may go into foreclosure, how Bill lost his job at the Company, how the price of gas keeps going higher, how you might not be able to send Billy to soccer camp this year. You join in the communal venting for a bit, then go home to continue the routine. Maybe you only put a dollar in the collection plate instead of five, but you have hope. You have faith that someone will fix it.

The Truth is that there is no one "out there", no separate something that will save you. YOU are the answer you seek, YOU are the one to make the changes. That undercurrent of doubt and fear you keep hidden is trying to get your attention so that you will ACT. The wolf is at YOUR door, and ignoring that fact will not keep you from getting eaten.

The engineers in New Orleans knew for many years that the levees were inadequate, but failed to act on that knowledge. The cost has been immeasurable, so many freedoms and lives lost, so much profiteering taking place. Humans have a predilection for procrastination, but remember, he who hesitates is lost. Do you think it can't happen again, that it can't happen to you?

Your government has sold you down the river. It only cares about itself and its agenda for expansion. Those with money get the life rafts while the rest go down. It is beyond borders, it is a global corporate elite calling the shots, and they don't care if they have to sacrifice America to get what they want. The game is World Domination, and our Constitutionally protected sovereign rights are the last hurdle. They are evaporating as we speak. What to do, what to do....?

I can't really answer that question. YOU know what you need to do, the question is will you do it? And I'm not talking about all the ways you distract yourself so you don't have to deal with the Truth another day. Part of the problem is the numerous ways we can distract ourselves - drinking, smoking, shopping, TV, working, sex, etc. Is any of it helping to alleviate your growing anxiety? Wake up, stop dreaming, grieve for your broken illusions if you must, and then get moving.


Anonymous said...


global warming will be a great boon if it occurs. it will result in massive depopulation in africa and southern asia, fewer people means less damage to the enviroment. it will also improves the gene pool as the ice age did, the intelligent will find a way to survive and the dregs will die off or not reproduce. i personally beleive a worldwide population of around 100 million is probably about right. if we all work togethor to promote global warming we can acheive this goal of population reduction by 2080.

go ron paul

SuZen said...

That's one way of looking at it. Unfortunately, it will be the neo-con crazies who survive in their cozy underground bunkers stuffed with tins of caviar and champagne. I guess they'll keep a few of us to clean the toilets.

memory_hole said...

I'm with you in the gist of your comment...but -- David Icke? He's the dude that believes Bush and others are reptiles? Do you really believe that?

SuZen said...

Why would you focus on the one thing that's unproven when 99% of the rest of what he says is verifiable and corroborated by many other sources? The world is filled with things that at one time were considered crazy and are now common knowledge. Let's bypass what's outside our collective knowledge right now and just focus on the factual. And I still think he's one courageous guy out there willing to let everyone think he's crazy while he keeps getting the word out.

memory_hole said...

I suppose because it makes me wonder about his sanity. It's not that I expect to agree with anyone about everything; it's just that the reptile claim is so far beyond anything I consider remotely believable that I just think, Why should I waste my time with him? Why would anyone? Particularly inasmuch as there is no shortage of genuinely wise people writing books, be it Aurobindo or Watts or Gangaji or any number of others.

Moreover, if he has any political viewpoint, as he apparently does, reptile claims tend to discredit him in the eyes of many people--and for good reason. As someone in the 9/11 Truth Movement, I am very wary of people whose ideas are great, EXCEPT for that one weird claim, (e.g., the Directed Energy Weapon, "fake TV video" crowd) - that thing that makes you think, Huh, maybe this person isn't who he SAYS he is, maybe he is a COINTELPRO operative sent to discredit the movement. And they are out there, of that I am sure.

So, a rather long answer to your question, but THAT is why I focus on the one thing that tends to discredit an otherwise rational individual.

SuZen said...

Well, memory_hole, maybe you're right....But then maybe he's right, I mean obviously Bush and Cheney speak with forked tongues! Reptile, schmeptile, bottom line is this world is being manipulated by such major loonies that they make David Icke look like a choir boy! I think I sort of admire people who skate on the edge and shake things up, bending people's frame sets a bit. Reality is not as rigid as we think it is, and who am I to say I know the whole truth? I prefer to make it clear that I KNOW NUTTIN and thereby nobody takes what I say as anything but a little white cloud, floating across a clear blue sky...
What's REAL cannot be known by this limited mind anyway, reality has nothing to do with the regurgitation of memorized facts fed to us by the machine. So better to remain OPEN to all possibilities until the jury is in.

Don't waste time judging or criticizing others, just do what you can to make things better.

memory_hole said...

I do try to make things better. That's been why I've spent so much time trying to enlighten others about the truth behind 9-11, that it was an inside job and the whole GWOT is a sham.

As for Icke, I think he's CIA, or possibly M15 or Mossad--or all three. They've been developing the "conspiracy theorist" meme for decades, and it's really working for them. You plant enough people out there as "conspiracy theorists" who allege lunatic fringe stuff like the moon landing was faked and reptoid aliens are controlling the world, etc. etc. and the it becomes REAL easy to dismiss those rational folks who seek to reveal REAL, PROVEABLE conspiracies as just another "conspiracist." Same with JFK, RFK, MLK, anyone who can prove the govt. was involved is easily dismissed as a "conspiracy theorist," and lumped into the same category as people who allege crazy stuff such as Icke does, with zero evidence.

forrest said...

There is no 'separate "out there"' out there either.

"You" and "It" are one 'Thing' in the process of correcting itself.

Right now "It" may need to throw up, really bad! (Or maybe we just need to remember, in future, not to drink that stuff anymore? Not so much of it?)

How fast can the Mind/Heart of the universe move?-- when this Birth reaches a crisis? Isn't this a crisis? Haven't there been, aren't there continuing to be, astonishing eruptions of Leadership Insanity?-- enough to shock everyone else sane?

But also astonishing acts of courage & sanity, unknown people coming out & risking all for the common good, because "this filthy, rotten system" has reached a point where it eats its own young, and thereby generates an opposition it can't suppress without some modest concessions (which it has become too rigid to allow!)?

And signposts everywhere: "This way to your right mind!" Hidden where people can't help but stumble over them, as the karmic doodoo deliveries keep arriving more timely...

Can the world go on getting crazier, while so many people are ripening? Tune in tomorrow for... tomorrow! Let's see what God will "happen" next!

SuZen said...

Wow, you have taken me back in time to thoughts I had so long ago they may as well have not existed! Yep, just ONE thing happening here, breathing in and out, chaos and confusion, peaceful bliss, and on and on it goes....Enjoy the ride!